Give your visitors the information they need

Encourage collaboration and generate insightful discussions

Position your website á a reliable source of information and solve your visitors' problems by providing them the information they need. Make sure everyone benefits from the discussions and generated and becomes an expert in your specific field. Let them share rich media in a breeze.

Provide outstanding customer satisfaction

Improve your product support and reduce your workload

Better than a helpine or FAQ section, a forum will allow your customers to ask questions and find answers quickly, without wasting time on the phone, saving you money! It's the most powerful database you can find. Your employees and your whole community will take part!

Keep your community engaged and your content relevant

Use motivational trigger to reward your contributors

Grant badges to your members for their questions, answers, shares, likes and votes to reward the most active ones. Set up  a moderation system with Karma points to give your most active members access to more functionalities and to reduce spamming messages.

Fully integrated with Xboss Apps

Email Marketing

Integrate an E-commerce to your Xboss website and boost your online sales with sleek product pages.


Keep track of your visitors, generate more leads and increase customer communication and retention.


Easily publish your Job offers on your Website and get candidates flowing into your recruitment pipeline.

Live Chat

Create sleek and attractive event pages. Sell online and organize on site.