Statistics about your data

Generate graphs and charts in just a click

Create detailed reports and graphs in any format you like without the need of an external program. Get statistics on any numbers in your company, from fuel costs in projects all the way to revenues in sales teams, and with inventory, and everything in between.

Track the process

Keep track of all your important data

Track the process of each activity, from projects to reports and invoices, and get

statistical information on all topics, in a simple and clear tabular chart.

Get a clear overview of your whole activity and be ready for new challenges.

Fully integrated with Xboss Apps

Website Builder

Launch an awesome enterprise website that is fully-customizable and SEO friendly.


Create polished, professional proposals in minutes and let customers sign online.

Email Marketing

Design efficient emails campaigns Send, convert and track your success.


Build and engage with communities with forums, Q&A, mailing lists.