What is lead generation

Lead generation is the process by which a company acquires leads and collects relevant datas about potential customers in order to enable a relationship and to turn them into customers.

For example, a website visitor who fills in your contact form to know more about your products and services becomes a lead for your company. Typically, a Customer Relationship Management tool such as Xboss CRM is used to centralize, track and manage leads.

Why is lead generation important for your business?

Generating a constant flow of high-quality leads is one of the most important responsibility of a marketing team. Actually, a well-managed lead generation process is like the fuel that will allow your company to deliver great performances - leads bring meetings, meetings bring sales, sales bring revenue and more work.

How to generate leads with Xboss CRM?

Leads can be captured through many sources - marketing campaigns, exhibitions and trade shows, external databases, etc. The most common challenge is to successfully gather all the data and to track any lead activity. Storing leads information in a central place such as Xboss CRM will release you of these worries and will help you to better automate your lead generation process, share information with your teams and analyze your sales processes easily.

Xboss CRM provides you with several methods to generate leads:

  • How to generate leads from incoming emails?

    An inquiry email sent to one of your company's generic email addresses can automatically generate a lead or an opportunity.

  • How to create a contact into Xboss CRM?

    You may want to follow up with a prospective customer met briefly at an exhibition who gave you his business card. You can manually create a new lead and enter all the needed information.

  • How to generate leads from my website?

    A website visitor who fills in a form automatically generates a lead or an opportunity in Xboss CRM.

  • How to import contacts to the CRM?

    You can provide your salespeople lists of prospects - for example for a cold emailing or a cold calling campaign - by importing them from any CSV file.